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Tuning out the noise so the smartest thinking can be heard is easier said than done. Social media is often focused more on popularity than originality. That's why at Essentials we follow the experts, bringing you their unedited, seminal pieces and tune into the sources they are reading.

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So how do you make sure the content you read is trustworthy? How do you know if you haven’t missed anything? At Essentials, we use trust-based AI to identify the real thought leaders in your field and share their essential reading. No editing, no framing, no cherry picking. The original thinking straight up.

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The more information there is, the more eco chambers seem to exist. Self-fulfilling data and news, shoring up a single point of view. You might well find conflicting views in articles contained in a single Essentials newsletter. We stand for a diversity of viewpoints that challenge blindspots, bubbles and biases.


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Articles From Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Robotic swarm swims like a school of fish

Schools of fish exhibit complex, synchronized behaviors that help them find food, migrate, ...

Artificial Intelligence

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Collaborative robot safety is supposed to be simple… but it can sometimes seem...

Artificial Intelligence

Baidu Research: 10 Technology Trends in 2021

While global economic and social uncertainties in 2020 caused significant stress, progress in...


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